Tips to Choose Your First Watch Winder

Watch Winder Box

Choosing a watch winder box is a matter of personal choice. And it is not always easy. Among so many watch winders from so many brands, you probably find it hard to buy the one that meets your needs and preferences, especially if this is your first time using a watch winder. Below are the things you have to consider when choosing one.

High-Quality Motors

The heart of a watch winder is formed by the motor. The motor is the compartment that drives the rotor in which an auto watch is mounted. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that the watch winder box’s motor is strong enough as well as functions well. You also want to choose a watch winder with a silent motor. This way, the watch winder will not produce any noise, allowing you to comfortably place it in your bedroom without disturbing your sleep.

High-quality watch winders mostly use German and Swiss motors. High-quality motors are extremely essential for high-end watch winder brands. With high-quality motors, the watch winder can last for years.

Materials Used

Most high-end watch winders are made from beautiful, high-quality materials. A watch winder comes in a broad variety of materials, including woods, leather, carbon, stainless steel, and even gold. High-quality materials are essential for watch winders because it will protect valuable stuff in it. The finishing also plays an important role. A watch winder with the best quality offers great attention to finishing and details.

Moreover, high-end watch winders are usually handmade. And it surely takes a lot of time to produce such a watch winder. During the production process, professionals are not only concerned about the construction, but also the quality control.

Besides those things above, you should also consider the TPD settings featured in the watch winder box.

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